Fingerless Gloves - Glacier & Natural Deerskin

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Our USA Made gloves are made from woven yarns of upcycled wool and upcycled cotton. These gloves also have lightweight 2.5 ounce Deerskin palms on them for durability. These Deerskin palm is attached to the gloves using a century old Singer chain-stitch post bed machine. The fingerless gloves are nice because you can use your phone and do other technical things while still wearing them (secret tip: this are great for fly fishing too). 

  • 35% Upcycled Wool, 65% Upcycled Cotton
  • Hand wash with a soft detergent such as Woolite. 
  • Knitted in Upstate, NY
  • 100% USA Made

*Note - Due to the natural state of this leather, colors may vary from pair to pair.