Bradley Mountain takes pride in creating some of the best bags you can possibly take on your adventures. We make each bag to inspire those using them to live a life of fullness, risk, and seeing the new in each day.

With this comes constant revisions, changes, and upgrades to our products! This year we made a few changes to our bags (all canvas and leather goods included) that we are very proud of, making these the best bags we’ve made to date. Here are those changes:


New Leather: We are now using Bridle Leather for all of our leather goods. This is a change that will help the longevity of the bag. The straps will hold up longer, and feel more sturdy on your person. We used harness leather in the past because we love the way it wears in and looks when you bend and crease it. The bridle leather, however, will be a more trusted companion in 10-15 years time.

Laptop sleeves: Now the Day Pack, Scout, and Wilder all come with a sleeve inside for laptops and books. We still recommend using a padded sleeve for your electronics, but if you choose to fly them solo, you can slide those in to all backpacks now!


Canvas: We are still using Fairfield Textile waxed canvas (the best on the market) for Field Tan and Charcoal colored bags. The only difference now is that we no longer sell our Brush Brown color. Our Black and NEW Drab colors come in Water Resistant Duck Canvas for those who want a cleaner feel (no wax on the surface), but with the same weather resistant features. This is also a top quality canvas from Fairfield Textiles. So now you can get the entire line of products in these 4 colors: Waxed Field Tan, Waxed Charcoal, Drab and Black.


A “Property Of” stamp on our backpacks and Charter Wallet that allows you to write your name and number. This will not only help people get it back to the proper owner if it’s lost, but give your bag an increased sense of uniqueness from anyone else’s.


Comfortability: The Wilder and Biographer (our most popular bags) now come with a leather pad that sits behind your shoulder blade to allow for a more comfortable feel when wearing heavier loads. The Day Pack also now comes with cotton-webbing straps and back leather pieces to allow for a lighter-weight backpack option with max-comfort.

The New Day Pack: At an unbeatable price of $185.00, the Day Pack is our new entry level backpack. It comes with a laptop sleeve, leather front flap with a d-ring for keys, and lightweight webbing shoulder straps for comfort. Our goal here was to create the perfect daily carrier for school, casual hangs, and trips. What you get out of this bag is a perfect, light-carry companion.

Waxed Field Tan

Waxed Charcoal



Note from our founder:

These new features have made our bags better than ever. I am so proud of what we've created in our small shop in San Diego. I plan to keep growing, learning, and improving our products for the next several decades. Thanks for being a part of the journey!

I also want to mention to those of you who may already own a Bradley Mountain bag, that you can trade those in for new bags! We want all of our loyal customers to be able to stay up on what we make so we've figured out a solution for that. Click here to learn more about our Trade-In Loyalty Program.

Thanks for reading,


Tyler Axtell