Blanket Lined Fatigue Jacket

$ 299.00

$ 149.00

*Because of the limited nature of this jacket it is excluded from discounts. 

On this jacket we collaborated with our friends over at Lone Flag, here in San Diego. Every time we hang out with these folks, we seem to design the coolest stuff. So we decided to finally do a jacket together. We sourced some dead-stock military fatigue material that was originally going to be used in production for standard issue jackets. We used this material on the outer for this new blanket-lined jacket. This jacket also features metal buttons, and military style flaps to nod to its material's origin. Our founder's personal favorite feature of this jacket is the lower pocket flap that can be used or hidden depending on how you choose wear it. 

  • 9.5oz Dead-stock Military Fatigue Fabric
  • 90% Wool /10% Synthetic Wool Lining
  • Italian Military Service Blanket Reproduction
  • 34 Line Size Distressed Custom Metal Buttons
  • Versatile Flap Pocket W/ Pen Slot
  • Flannel Sleeve Lining
  • Sits Just Below the Belt Line
  • Made in USA