Hair Clay

Medium Hold, Matte Finish & Re-workable - Feels and looks natural but is flexible enough to rework throughout the day.
  • Hair Type - Suits fine to thick, short to medium length hair, but lets be honest, its not going to work in an Afro or a Mullet – so it’s not all things to everybody and we say that’s OK.
  • Perfect to give curls a worn in look. Curl the hair, add some Coltrane Clay to your hands, warm it up and apply to mids and ends.
  • Great for Ladies - short styles, dry the hair, then apply Coltrane from the back of the head to the front, working it in, and styling it to how they like it. Really good on messy BOB Shapes, to show off texture and layers.
  • The most natural styling clay on the market - includes great sustainable natural ingredients

Made by Triumph & Disaster in Auckland, New Zealand