• Mystery Box

Mystery Box

$ 45.00

The Mystery Box is back for a limited time! You will get 50% more goods than you pay for with your purchase of one of these boxes! We are making room for the Fall and having fun collecting up some of our old (and sprinkling in some new) goods! Because each box can vary slightly to its contents we can't accept returns on these so we hope you're in for the mystery of it (and that the whole fun of it). 

Tier 1: The Club Mystery Box $45
(Contains a selection of small goods from our store)

Tier 2: The Outlander Mystery Box $125
(Contains a selection of small goods from our store a slightly larger item)

Tier 3: The Wilder Mystery Box $400 
(This box comes with a Wilder Backpack in a mystery color and a few small goods)

Tier 4: The 20 Year Box $1500
We will deck you out [literally] from head to toe with a set of bags, a jacket, a belt, a wallet and everything in between. All well made American goods that will last you for years to come. 

  • Expected Ship Date: Sept 3-6th. 
  • Get 50% more than you pay for.
  • No Returns (Psst! The contents are...a Mystery!)
  • Some boxes may contain a t-shirt, so we ask you choose a shirt size when purchasing a box! *Not all boxes will have a shirt