Pipe Roll - Black

This roll is specifically designed to hold your pipe essentials. So many people are picking up grandpa's old pipe, but so few have a place to hold their kit when they're out on the road. You might have grabbed your mom's old jewery box, your cigar box, or a plastic bag. Well, no longer! Carry your pipe essentials with some class.


  • Made from oiled leather and heavyweight waxed canvas.
  • A tag that reminds you to "Live Adventurously".
  • Three pockets: left (for lighter and tamper), middle (for tobacco), right (for pipe).
    • 10 3/4" wide
    • 9 1/2" tall when open, 6 3/4" closed
    • Lighter/Tamper Pocket: 3 1/4" deep, 2 1/2" wide
    • Tobacco Pocket: 6 1/4" deep, 3 1/4" wide
    • Pipe Pocket: 6 1/4" deep, 3 3/4" wide