• Surf Nomad Print

Surf Nomad Print

This 35mm film shot was captured on the sun-soaked western shores of Costa Rica, in a town called Tamarindo. River mouths can be a dangerous spot to surf as the shorelines are littered with crocodiles. Photographer, Titus Haug, deserves an ice cold Imperial Cerveza after risking all whilst capturing this amazing shot.

  • Print Size: 24x18 on Fine Art Canvas
  • Wooden Frame
  • Shot on Nikonos V Camera using Ilford 400 Hp5 film
  • 35mm
  • Photographer, Titus Haug is our point man for all of our photographic needs. He's constantly on a different continent, shooting amazing photos or found strumming his six string. Wherever you run into Titus, you're guaranteed to share his stoke and notice his pearly whites behind that genuine grin. Thanks Uncle T!