The Wilders Club - 6 Month Membership

$ 350.00

*United States Only*

Give the gift of Monthly Mystery Boxes. 

NOTE: Make sure to use the name and address of the person you are giving this subscription to at checkout! 

Because this is a one time purchase, shipping charges are included in the price for US delivery.

We curate mystery boxes with exclusive well made goods inside. We will make the goods, partner with brands on exclusive products, and wrap, pack, and ship them out to you each month!

Why Sign Up For The Wilders Club Subscription Box? :

1. Become a member of the club and get exclusive goods, and a great deal (most boxes will come with 25%+ more value than the price).  

2. Enjoy unboxing our surprise assortment of lifestyle, outdoor, home, and travel goods each month when it arrives on your porch. Some boxes will have 1 item, some will have 5 items. It all depends on what we cook up that month!

3. By signing up you not only get your monthly box but you will also receive a personalized 15% Off discount code for our entire website year-round (or as long as you are subscribed)! If you pause your subscription for a few months, we will simply pause your code, and you can come back anytime and rejoin!

What to expect?

Each box is a mystery. This means we will not be revealing what is inside of them ahead of time. We will be putting a lot of time and effort into the experience for each box, so all you have to do is sign up, sit back, and wait for your package to arrive each month! 

This being said, our packages may change slightly in value from month to month but will always be worth more than you're paying!


The Club Box: This box is structured around outfitting you with small, highly curated goods for a minimal, and adventurous lifestyle. This will include items you can wear, home goods, travel accessories, and outdoor items. 

Outlander Box: This box will include some of the same highly curated items from the Club box but with a larger amount of goods (or a higher value single item). We are bag makers after-all, so we wanted a box that we can flex our design muscles a bit more with.

Shipping and Returns:

Shipping: Shipping is included in the price of both tiers. We currently only offer The Wilders Club Box in the United States because of Customs issues and extreme shipping costs for worldwide delivery. 

No Returns: We are not accepting returns for the Wilder's Club Mystery Boxes. The reason for this is simple: We are going to be making many items specifically for these boxes. Because of that, we will not have a way to sell returned goods that are customized for that month's box. This also is a low profit model for us, which means we are only wanting to send boxes to folks who are willing to come along with us on the adventure. This is an experiment and we hope to satisfy each and every member of the Wilder's Club. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and can refund your order IF you do so before we ship the box that month. You will be notified each month before the payment is put through, and can cancel your membership easily through the notification email!