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Higonokami Brass Folder Knife

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A Higonokami is a type of folding knife originating in Miki Japan in 1896. The knife has no locking system, but is a friction folder, using the friction of the swivel or the pressure of the user's thumb on its iconic lever, to prevent the knife from folding during use. The handle of the Higonokami is made of a folded over sheet of metal. The handle is stamped with the name of the maker of the knife and the steel used in the blade.
  • 3.5" closed
  • 2" Blue paper steel blade with extended tang
  • Tough steel retains its edge against heavy use
  • Forged lever tang for easy opening
  • Brass handles
  • Clip point blade design
  • Leather Sheath
  • Maker’s stamp
  • Made in Japan