Tinned Fish Trio - Bradley Mountain X Siesta Co.

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 We teamed up with Siesta Co. to bring you the perfect Tinned Fish starter kit! If you are new to tinned fish these 3 staples will blow your mind. When we first came across Siesta Co. we fell in love and had to partner up! 

Tinned fish has been around since the 1700s. The practicality, nutritional value, and explosive flavor has kept it alive until today, where it is bigger than ever. We love the concept so much because we love seafood, and we love to travel with it! Keep a tin of sardines in your backpack for a flavor-filled protein kick while on a hike, pull out the mackerel on a picnic to top your salad, or enjoy the pickled mussels with crackers, sitting fireside with a friend. 

Contains 1 pack of each:

  • Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ Sea Salt
  • Mussels in Pickled Oil
  • Mackerel  in Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ Sea Salt