R.R.X.B.M. Field Knives

R.R.X.B.M. Field Knives

Tyler here (Founder of Bradley Mountain). I am obsessed with craft. Almost to a fault where I get myself deep into a new project or new skill and can leave other important things unresolved or unperfected. If it was up to me I would hand make everything on our floor. This is impossible if we want to remain skilled and quality bag-makers. This thus opens up the opportunity to find highly skilled and passionate craftsmen (women) to partner with and continue to bring you guys unique, high quality goods. 

I met Brandon from Running Rich Co. one time when he walked into my store with a box full of scrap metal, different types of hardwoods, and a marsh-mellow prong made from high carbon steel. He also had a few bundles of rolled up paper under his arm that by the looks of it had been placed there thoughtfully to reveal at a later moment. 

He began showing me the materials and explaining that he is a local knife maker and knife-making teacher. He is passionate about handing down the skills that he has taught himself and honed over the years. This is one of my favorite qualities in a craftsmen: the pursuit not only to hone the craft but to preserve it and pass the knowledge on. It shows respect and humility towards the craft. 

After showing me the box of things, he said he can make any knife I could dream up. And then he unroll his paper wraps of finished knives that were under his arm. As he unrolled the paper my mouth dropped wide open as he revealing his handiwork. 

I immediately asked him when he could get started on a batch exclusively for Bradley Mountain. 

We discussed materials, design, size, and specs. For this batch we went with high carbon steel and for a longer lasting edge chose to do a mixture of hardwoods, brass pins, and a micarta version which is canvas hardened in resin and shows a unique pattern when sanded down in the shape of a handle. 

Please enjoy the knives and thank you for reading! 

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