The Good Bottle Opener

The Good Bottle Opener

Introducing The Good Bottle Opener! Casted in USA, designed for your keys. In partnership with Hoffman Supply Co.

The Good Bottle Opener got it's name from our aim to create an extremely practical, hearty, and beautiful design for a bottle opener. We noticed that most keychain bottle opener designs are small but work terribly for actually opening bottles.

This design is an ode to drugstore-style goods that were so well made in the US decades ago, and applicable to all lifestyles and people. Metal work is rarely done in the US anymore and hard to find sources. We partnered with Hoffman Supply Co. who does metal casting in LA and uses amazing materials. We chose zinc (also used for carriage bolts in cars), which is strong yet lightweight. Next they were plated them in brass and oxidized for texture.

The bottle opener is slim at the top to fit in-between keys nicely on a ring. It's short enough to use on your keys, without being cumbersome, and yes long enough to hold firmly and open bottles comfortably.

The box was designed in house by one of our sewers and original team members Andrew Nguyen, and the box was letter-pressed one by one on vintage printing presses by Clove St. Press. Basically we can't say how proud we are of these Bottle Openers and the folks we got to work with to make them happen.