Black Mountain Sunset Cocktail Recipe

To kick off Fall this year we gathered downstairs below our workshop to enjoy the company of those around and taste some delicious things. We partnered with DRAM Apothecary, who forage and make cocktail supplies and teas in Silver Plume, CO. We are pleased to share the recipe of the Black Mountain Sunset Old Fashioned that we built in partnership with DRAM. Our friend and local San Diego bar tender, Raf Deza, masterfully mixed the drinks for us. Enjoy!
Black Mountain Sunset (Old Fashioned)

2 oz  Vanilla and Smoked Spruce Infused Bourbon
Bar Spoon DRAM Pine Syrup
Shy Bar Spoon Maple Syrup
5 Dashes  DRAM Black Bitters
1 Dash  DRAM Palo Santo Bitters

Stir, pour over large ice, and garnish with lemon zest and pine sprig
Or try it hot:

Stir, and add 3 oz hot water, candied orange slice, and pine sprig



Photos by Jackie Wonders