Adventure Mobiles 02 | Scout International | Ocean Beach

Adventure Mobiles 02 | Scout International | Ocean Beach


Chris Moody rolled up in his 1960’s Scout and we both had a big grin. It’s such a beauty of a car. It’s hard to think of a better vehicle to start the Adventure Mobile Blog series. At first glance Chris could be mistaken for an early member of Nirvana or Deep Purple with his chains and all around Rock n’ Roll feel, but along with his gritty look, he is a truly nice guy—and most definitely down to cruise down the highway with a piece of adventure mobile history.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, what’s your favorite pastime, your favorite Thai food?)

I’m originally from Baton Rouge, but I’ve lived all over the place. It’s nuts. My dad just kind of took jobs all over the country. We lived in Utah for a few years, Colorado for a couple… It was in Colorado that I totally geeked out with some friends in High school about off-roading. It’s basically been since then, the late 80’s early 90’s that I’ve wanted an old original Bronco or an old original Scout. So I’ve been on a quest for 20 something years to track one down.

It’s crazy with the old Bronco’s because they’ve become so desirable that some of them now, if their souped up and stuff can go for 80 grand. Like, insane amounts of money. Even back in High School in Colorado these things were a fortune.
So yea, I’ve basically been scouring the entire west on craigslist. In Wyoming, Montana, the Dakota’s, Idaho, you name it, to try and find either a Scout or a Bronco that needed some work, and I came upon this one. And this is actually the predecessor to the Bronco, so I was like, “Shit! Even better! The bronco was invented because of this truck and its success. Hell Yea, I’ll go for that one.”

You eluded to it a little bit, but how did you come about acquiring this Adventure Mobile? What life circumstances surrounded your acquiring it?

I’ve been looking for one of these forever. Its been a dream truck forever.
When I found this one out in Albuquerque I flipped. I was like, “I’m done. I’m flying out tomorrow dude!” I called the guy immediately, and was like, “I will buy this right now!” Someone even tried to swipe it out from under me while I was on my way there. Offered him a couple grand more and he’s like “nah man, this kid sounds really genuine.” I was like, “Yes! Thank you thank you thank you!” (smiles).

My wife and I were just about to go on our 10-year honeymoon anniversary, so it was like the worst timing possible. The week before we fly out of the country for a couple weeks I’m like, “I’m buying a truck” (chuckles). So yea man, just talked to this guy out in Albuquerque and drove out there—I’ve got a 71 dodge truck that I drove out there. I threw it on a car trailer and hauled ass back.

Did you go on your Anniversary?

Yea, It sat in the driveway for, I don’t know, maybe a month before I got back. I was thinking about the truck the whole time (laughs), like please let me go home. I mean obviously I was having a good time scuba diving and other stuff. I couldn’t stop thinking about this thing. I was like “F*** I gotta get back.”


Have you had any crazy adventures in this vehicle?

I gotta be honest, not any yet. I’ve just been doing the first little bit of tuning it up and making sure everything is dialed. Like tomorrow I am putting a new clutch in it.
But, we’re heading down to Mexico once I get two or three things dialed in. We’ll go down to Guadalupe Valley to the wineries down there.


At Bradley Mountain we seek to inspire and live by the phrase “Live Adventurously.” How have you embodied this phrase “live adventurously” in the last year?

Well, on that three week Anniversary trip we flew back out to the Cook Islands way out in the South Pacific off the coast of New Zealand. It was actually on our initial honeymoon that we took our first scuba lessons and life just got in the way and we never got finished. So we actually went from zero all the way through to our advanced PADI certification while we were there! So we were in the water like 19 times! We swam with Whales, Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays, Sharks, Manta Rays…It was absolutely freaking incredible.


That sounds awesome!
I’m curious if you’ve had any intense Adventure Mobile breakdowns? Have you driven down any… let’s say, sketchy or less than ideal roads?

Back in High school my dad and I built a little sand rail dune buggy thing with a Volkswagen motor and front end. It had a bug tube frame and five point harnesses and stuff. I’ve had it six seven feet in the air, Flipped it and all that good stuff. You’re upside down trying to figure out how to undo the seat belt without hitting your head. But, the worst was when I slid it down this one canyon. It was like hours of come-alongs to ratchet this thing back out of the hole. Good time right?


Do you have a dream trip with this car?

Yea, I would love to drive this thing up to the Tetons in Wyoming. My grandparents used to live up there when I was a little kid. I’ve been dying to get back. It’s been forever since I was there. You know, take it back to what it was originally for back in the 60’s.

We primarily make bags with legacy in mind. We want the children and grandchildren of current Bradley Mountain customers to pass down the same backpacks for generations to come. What is the legacy that you hope to have with this vehicle?

I definitely have a sense of legacy with this vehicle. I only find vehicles (and other things like guitars) interesting that come with a history, back story and sense of connection to both the past and present. While technology is providing great progress in terms of working to reduce pollution and improve safety and whatnot, for most people, I don’t think that these objects of yesterday should be completely discarded from our minds. Are they for everyone? No, but for me, it’s the whole “Road Less raveled” concept objectified and I’m willing to go the extra mile to care for these things. To me my Scout represents the daring design ideas that created the first generation of off-road and exploration concept vehicles.